English Tea Party dedicated to Mother’s Day

IMG_1794IMG_1814IMG_1819IMG_1828IMG_1804IMG_1835Around 50 people, adults and children attended  the English Tea on May 13 at St. Stepanos  despite the weather. The event was chaired by Ala Monokian.It was a beautiful family atmosphere; some of the guests were celebrating three generations together, others came with  sisters or friends , husbands, daughters and sons celebrating all  together!  Guests enjoyed the art display,  delicious pastries,  sandwiches and  scones served with  tea and of course the highlight of the day – live music performed by Ashot Soghomonian.
The Maestro, Ashot Soghomonian, an Armenian musician from NYC, played wide variety of American, French and Armenian melodies on the keyboard and accordion, which made people dance. Very quickly English Tea became an Armenian “Keif”.
The Art and Craft display included display of Ala’s collection of teapots from various parts of the world,  paintings from Armenia, also art work  of  our own talent: beautiful paintings  by Yn. Mariam Karadjian, flower arrangements by Norig Buchakjian, crafts by Annabell Noroyan,
Everyone enjoyed  the table arrangements and food presentation. The tables were setup  with nice china and were full of homemade delicious English scones, pastries, sandwiches, all prepared and donated by the members  of Women’s Guild: Yn. Mariam Karadjian, Ala Monokian, Silva, Nanor, TaleenTerjanians, Sylva and Alice Bakhtiarian, Marie Haytaian, Ginny Sabonjian, Hazel Menegigian,  Linda Patruno, Shoghik Khachatryan,  Ivetta Pogosova, Inessa Tadevosyan, Eliza Minasyan, Anna Marie Ronney, Mariam Zohrabian, Lorraine Backus, Lori Lombardi, Arlene Heitman and Ethel Yezdanian.
Anetscollection ( www.anetscollection.com) was invited to sponsor the event, 50% of the sales of the day and future online orders with memo “Tea Party” will go  to Women’s Guild.
Thank you to Der Hayr and St. Stepanos Women’s Guild  for their support and help and the opportunity to serve our church.

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