St. Stepanos Armenian Church Celebrates the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ

IMG_1207The festivities and Christmas celebration began on Thursday evening, December 31, with our traditional New Year Eve party in our church hall. More than 50 families with their children of our parish attended.
Mrs. Askhen Tadevosyan and her dedicated and tireless committee chaired the event. For our good cheer live Armenian songs and music  was performed by an Armenian singer Ruben. We also had with us our dear Santa who brought many presents for our kids. We danced, sang, played family games and had such a good time that will never be forgotten.
Der Hayr welcomed everyone to the event and invited Mr. Armen Orbelyan to be the Tamada of the evening (Master of Ceremonies).  The midnight hour was welcomed with many toasts for happiness and good health and was immediately followed by a prayer held by Der Hayr in our sanctuary. We thank Mrs. Ashghen Tadevosyan and her committee for their dedication and well done job.  Abrik Aghcheegner, Thank you!

On Thursday evening, January 5, our altar servers and choir members conducted The Order of Lamp Lighting for the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. There were readings from the bible presented to the congregation in Armenian and English, which was followed by the specific readings from the Prophet Daniel. Upon completion of this heartfelt and uplifting service, a divine liturgy took place. Before departing church for the evening, all parishioners were given a candle for which to take the light of the Holy Spirit to their respective homes.

The Nativity and Theophany of our Lord Jesus Christ was celebrated on Friday , January 6, amidst the “White Christmas” that God bestowed upon us. After the Divine Liturgy, the Blessing of the Water (Choororhnek) Ceremony took place. This year’s Godfather for the Ceremony was Mr. Armen Avetisyan.
Fr. Daniel completed the celebrations for the day with the traditional House Blessing ceremony, which took place in the Kevork & Sirvart Hovnanian Hall.

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