20161218_121513_resizedThe women of St. Stepanos have supported the parish financially, spiritually and culturally since the consecration of the sanctuary in 1987. Operating as the St. Stepanos Women’s Guild, the group sponsors events throughout the year to perpetuate the rich cultural heritage and faith of the Armenian people.

Far more than a social club, the St. Stepanos Women’s Guild is comprised of women devoted to enriching the lives of parishioners by applying  their business and technical skills, creativity, culinary expertise to host innovative events that create a sense of community while supporting the parish financially.

Some of the guild’s events include cultural programs and folk concerts to resurrect and preserve the cultural culinary, dance, music and folk traditions of the Armenian homeland and the Diaspora.

Last year, to preserve the time-honored recipes and culinary traditions passed down through generations of Armenians, we compiled recipes submitted by parish families into an Armenian cookbook as a fundraiser and to honor their heritage.

Our Mission is to encourage, assist and teach our members to preserve and live the Christian faith, which is based on the Holy Bible and the doctrines of the Armenian Church according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. This mission is realized through monthly meetings and programs designed to fulfill this commitment.

Membership Requirements: All women who subscribe to the doctrines and teachings of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church may become a member of the Women’s Guild. 
 Article IV, Section 1 – By Laws

Annual Dues: $10

Membership Meetings: Meetings are held the first Sunday of every month September through June of each year. Meetings start at 1:30PM and are held in the Sunday school’s hall.


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Inessa Tadevosian
Sylva Bakhtiarian
Ala Monokian
Ofig Jidarian
Vice Chairwoman
Lori Lombardi
Silva Terjanian

News and Announcements

WG Bake Sale Helps Preserve Tradition and Support Church

The St. Stepanos Women’s Guild hosted its annual Christmas Bake Sale on Dec.16-17, 2017 as our community welcomed the holiday seasons.  We would like to start by thanking Rev. Fr. Daniel Karadjian and Yeretsgin Mariam Karadjian for their outstanding leadership and support. On...
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Thanksgiving at St. Stepanos

  The St. Stepanos family gathered for Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday, November 12. Over 70 people, adults and children attended the luncheon chaired by the members of Executive Committee, Ofig Jidarian and Ala Monokian. Once again, the ladies came through and demonstrated...
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Women’s Guild Day

It was a bittersweet celebration of Women’s Guild Day which we celebrated on Sunday, June 4th. Special Requiem Service (Hokehankisd) was conducted by Der Hayr in memory of our Women’s Guild members. An elaborate fellowship hour followed at the church hall, prepared by...
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English Tea Party dedicated to Mother’s Day

Around 50 people, adults and children attended  the English Tea on May 13 at St. Stepanos  despite the weather. The event was chaired by Ala Monokian.It was a beautiful family atmosphere; some of the guests were celebrating three generations together, others came with  sisters or...
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Saintly Women’s Day

Saintly Women’s Day hosted by our Women’s Guild On Saturday, March 18, 2017, the St. Stepanos Women’s Guild hosted a service and program to honor Saintly Women of Vartanantz. Members of other New Jersey parishes also joined in commemoration. The day started with Rev. Fr. Daniel...
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A Pot Luck Luncheon hosted by the St. Stepanos Women’s Guild

On Sunday, September 11, 2016 St.Stepanos Armenian Church celebrated The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross  with a Pot Luck Luncheon hosted by the St. Stepanos Women’s Guild. Der Hayr Daniel Karadjian led us in prayer for the Feast day as well as reading the Diocese...
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By Silva Terjanian The past few months have been very busy and fruitful for the Guild. Foremost, a Big thank you to all members for all of your help. Without all of your joined efforts, hard work, our events could not have been so successful. The Easter Bake sale, chaired by...
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