WG Bake Sale Helps Preserve Tradition and Support Church

IMG_2386The St. Stepanos Women’s Guild hosted its annual Christmas Bake Sale on Dec.16-17, 2017 as our community welcomed the holiday seasons.  We would like to start by thanking Rev. Fr. Daniel Karadjian and Yeretsgin Mariam Karadjian for their outstanding leadership and support.

On December 16 Members of the St. Stepanos Women’s Guild were busy baking a lot of delicacies for our Christmas Bake Sale. The kitchen was filled with laughter and hard workers. The church hall was beautifully decorated with love and style for the Christmas season. We had with us the Artwork Exhibition and sale of the works of the sculpture from Armenia Karen Terzyan and several other vendors.

Thank you to the following for baking delicious delicacies, donating raffle items, making monetary and other contributions, baking in the church kitchen, setting up and cleaning the hall, and helping in so many other ways – Yeretsgin Mariam Karadjian, Annette Avetisyan, Alice Bakhtiarian, Lina Bakhtiarian, Sylva Bakhtiarian, Mary Ann Berberian, Vartouhi Brutyan, Norig Buchakjian, Tanya Buchakjian, Mariam Corrigan, Jennifer Folker, Tina Gallo, Paula Guglielmo, Marie Haytaian, Arlene Heitman, Sharlene Hovsepian, Ofig Jidarian, Serpouhi Karakashian, Azat Lahham, Lori Lombardi, Hazel Menegigian, Eliza Minasyan, Ala Monokian, Anahid Mouradian, Annabell Noroyan, Liana Orbelyan, Linda Patruno, Anna Marie Rooney, Ginny Sabonjian, Sossie Shekookian, Nancy Takakjian, Silva Terjanian, Manoushak Vardumyan, Ethel Yezdanian, Araxie Zohrabian and the group of gentlemen who helped move the stage..

A special thank you to Norig Buchakjian for chairing the event. Mariam Corrigan for picking up the Lahmajoun from Mediterranean Kitchen; Paula Guglielmo for picking up phyllo and khadayif from the distributer, Sylva Bakhtiarian for picking up kufteh from Krichian restaurant. We apologize if we have inadvertently omitted anyone from this list.  Please know how very much the Women’s Guild values your support.

Vartckerneet gadar ladies

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